Denver Coliseum

address 4600 Humboldt St.
 Denver, CO  80216
neighborhood Warehouse district
phone (303) 340-2637
parking $5
alcohol Beer and wine
ages Based upon concert


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A great place to watch a hockey game!!!! This coliseum has many years of service left! Love the vintage feel of this place. Sometimes newer and bigger mean more expensive and less accessible.
Rated: 5 Stars
(from user Guest)

As a foreigner I realize I might have a difficulty not to brag about this event, but I have to! It was my first time in my life, seeing a real rodeo. And I was amazed what some people go through to challenge themselves. Got some good shots as well, I think. And as no writer but photographer, my story is told via the images...
Rated: 4 Stars
(from user Guest)

Rated: 4 Stars
(from user Guest)